Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my design have solar tiles on the north side of my roof

We normally don’t. But sometimes it makes sense to do north pitches all things considered. Generally in Texas half you roof will produce your yearly needs, hence we generally leave the north side as non solar pitches.

Will I be able to tell the difference between solar tiles and non-solar tiles?

Yes. From some angels they will perfectly blend in to each other, especially from grodun level. But we are flashing glass to a Metal Composite that has a more matt black whilst the Solar has a shiny black finish.

Hail Rating

Class 3.

Do you sell Tesla Hardware?

Yes, and with Powerwall 3 we can do Tesla solar Components on everything except solar panels.

How is size of the system calculated ?

Mainly off your electricity bills and wishes. Sometimes a particular roof is just a better fit for a slightly larger/smaller system as well. As well as shading and penetrations.

What solar components do you use?

It depends on type of inverter / battery you want. Solar panels must all be “full black”. We use only readily available solar components.

Do I need HOA Approval?

You can´t be denied in Texas. Other states may have different rules and Architectural Review Committees. It is homeowners responsibility to get necessary HOA permission. And we will help you through the entire process.